I should have known that it was going to be a bad day with all of the storming going on outside.

First off, I decide to go on the computer and work on some genealogy.  I haven't worked on any in a long time.  GONE!  All gone!  Totally off of the computer.  So, I know I made a backup before we left Utah.  Yep, you guessed it.  Disc is GONE!  Luckily enough (or unlucky depending on how you look at it!) I have hard copies on most stuff.  I just dread the idea of having to do this all over again.  Urghhhh!

And secondly, I've been getting nostalgic for the old sca days back in calontir.  With it being Pennsic and all.  So, I decided to get out my old sca photo albums from then.  Lo and behold there is only one.  Oh great.  I spend nearly an hour looking for the rest of them.  And then it hits me.  I somewhat know what happened.

When we moved from Panama City, Florida to Utah the moving company did a horrendous job.  When the stuff was delivered to us three or four boxes were missing.  We, at the time didn't know what they contained.  Now I know what some of them contained.  My sca albums.  Drats!  When we found out about the missing boxes we contacted TMO (the military people who handle it for us).  They did the investigation and all but the boxes were never found.  It saddens me that they are missing.  Not only for the fact I like to reminisce with them but my sons are getting old enough to get into the sca.  My oldest who is seven, loves going to events and likes to look at the pictures I still have.  

So, that has been my frustration so far today.  Hope it doesn't get worse.


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