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([personal profile] ladycolete Dec. 31st, 2008 11:25 am)

I'm trying to update my livejournal with more of my interests.  I only have a little added.  So I'm slowly looking into new groups that interest me and looking at the profiles of people who write stuff that I can relate too or sound interesting.  So if anyone gets a friend req from me, I'm not a troll, it just means that you wrote something interesting or sound interesting and I'm looking for likeminded (or not) friends.

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Sorry about that... I had a tiff a while back with a girl called hello_blondie... There are still people coming to my journal about it, so I am a bit on the defensive, I just kinda wanted to make sure you weren't her, or of her before I banned you like an ass.

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Looks like you got into mil_wives, which is where all the undeleted drama is, so if you are curious, you will understand. If not, whatever, it's really stupid, and I am a bit ashamed to be so paranoid.


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