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1. Post this list to your LJ.
2. Add three SCA-related things to the bottom that you've done.
3. Bold everything in the list that you've done.
4. Tag people, if you're so inclined, and watch the list grow.
I added:
5. Put Comments in red, and change color of any text within the list that you have changed

Taught a class at Pennsic
Ran a court
Fought or fenced at an event while drunk
Worked the "Puking Duke" shift a Chirurgeons Point at Pennsic
Been an Event Stewart/Autocrat
Been an officer (Local, Regional, Kingdom, Society) Local Chronicler in Meridies
Had a name and/or device accepted by the SCA College of Arms Device and Name
Had a name and/or device rejected by the SCA College of Arms
Device rejected

Worked in at least three different volunteer departments at Pennsic (also in: Troll, Heralds' Point and Performing Arts)
Written a scroll text As I was speaking it, on a regular basis.
Ran a bardic circle
Attend a foreign war Pennsic, Lilies, and Estrella
Traveled more than 10 hours each way for a one-day event
Had the privilege of begging a boon for a Peerage
Been involved on some level with a Calontir "gotcha" moment

Spent the night in a hotel room with more people than the bed space holds
Slept in more than 1 tent at a camping event
Fought/fought for in a Crown/Coronet Tourney
Been to an SCA event/function in every Kingdom

Lived in three Kingdoms

(Calontir, Meridies, Artemesia, East, Drachenwald)

Been in the SCA more than half my life Just about 50% now
Won a tournament in five different kingdoms
Been authorized in a fighting style not legal in your home kingdom at the time
Met your future spouse at an SCA eventFlown to an event
Written a Coronation or Peerage Ceremony
Received a Peerage from your future spouse before you were involved with him/her


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