That's right!  The end of October or the beginning of November the family and I will be moving to RAF Croughton, England.  Where is that near?  I have no idea yet but I'm trying to get info.  Unfortunately, the air force doesn't have much information that I can get a hold of.  I'm hoping it's near London.  I've always wanted to go to London.  Three years (as of right now.  Maybe longer if we really like it!) in Europe.  I CAN"T WAIT!

Now, I believe some of my friends here are in England...I hope.  Can ya give me some advice about the area.  Things like weather.  Is it true that it rains frequently?  Or is it hot or even cold.  I know what some people say on the internet but I'd rather get the info from someone there.

Our passports are supposedly at MacGuire AFB, New Jersey.  They were supposed to be sent to us but haven't arrived yet.  We then have to get our visa finished and then get it stamped before we leave the states.  Don't get me started on the price of that!  We did get the no fee passports for now.  Later will get the travel ones.  We'll just have to pay for those.  The visa's are going to cost us about $440 per person (excluding my husband who travels on his military orders).  So, $440.00 x 4 = $1760.  OUCH!  Granted, later (much later) the military will pay it back.  In their own time which means it may be returned when we leave!  

I also have to set up our household shipment as well as getting our car shipped.  It's going to be really strange to drive on the other side of the road!  I'm just now getting used to the crazy New York drivers!  (That's a whole different rant!)



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