Thanks to the Sci-fi Channel I watched a marathon of Doctor Who shows.  Today was the first day I've watched the 10th Doctor.  I've still not seen all with the 9th but the 10th doctor isn't bad.  I was afraid to watch him because I liked the other.  (I'm not using real names because I'm too tired and too hot from the heat wave to look them up!).  I saw the final episode with Rose and it broke me apart (again, I'm blaming pregnancy for me crying.  I normally wouldn't cry but my hormones are all messed up!)  And I watched the season premier of  Doctor who.  It was the first time I saw Martha.  Now, I've been conflicted because I liked Rose and it's hard when they bring some one new into the picture and we're supposed to like them as well.  (A good example: on Hex, Cassie leaves and we're supposed to like Ella when she enters.  Nope, didn't buy it.  I couldn't bring myself to like the girl who killed my girl!)  But, from what I seen of Martha she may be cool.  As long as she doesn't get all smitten with the doctor later in the season.  I will most likely be a doctor/rose fan but still may read some Martha fic as well.  Which, this makes me happy because my fan fics mainly consist of American Gothic and Hex.  I need to expand my horizon.  I tried to right a Harry Potter fic once...but scrapped that quickly.  Not for me.  I'll read it just not write it. 


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