Is anyone going to try this out?  Or has already tried it out?  I'm thinking about checking it out but I need an invite code.  If anyone has an extra one I would like it.  Just let me know!  Thanks!
Just thought this would be fun!

The Zombie Survival Test -- Make and Take a Fun Quiz @'s User Tests!

The Empire magazine's list of the best TV shows

1. Bold the programmes you watch/used to watch.
2. Italicize the programmes you've seen at least one episode of.
3. Underline the programmes you own on DVD (or VCR tape).
4. Post your answers.


TV show list )


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Well, the first batch didn't do so well so I'm going to try again. I'm not sure what I did wrong but here goes.

Adopt one today!
Adopt one today!
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( Jan. 20th, 2009 02:53 pm)
I've just recently started watching Demons and Dead Last. I think they are both awesome shows. I'm just sad that Dead Last was only on for one season. I believe it's one of those shows that hit at the wrong time. Now I'm off to see if their is much of a fandom for either shows! With my luck, probably not.

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( Jan. 14th, 2009 04:04 pm)
Thought I'd give this a try. Haven't tried it since last august I believe.

Who comments the most on this journal? )
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( Jan. 14th, 2009 03:52 pm)
I've seen some friends with these and thought I'd try it out.

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( Jan. 14th, 2009 02:16 pm)

1. Post this list to your LJ.
2. Add three SCA-related things to the bottom that you've done.
3. Bold everything in the list that you've done.
4. Tag people, if you're so inclined, and watch the list grow.
I added:
5. Put Comments in red, and change color of any text within the list that you have changed

Taught a class at Pennsic
Ran a court
Fought or fenced at an event while drunk
Worked the "Puking Duke" shift a Chirurgeons Point at Pennsic
Been an Event Stewart/Autocrat
Been an officer (Local, Regional, Kingdom, Society) Local Chronicler in Meridies
Had a name and/or device accepted by the SCA College of Arms Device and Name
Had a name and/or device rejected by the SCA College of Arms
Device rejected

Worked in at least three different volunteer departments at Pennsic (also in: Troll, Heralds' Point and Performing Arts)
Written a scroll text As I was speaking it, on a regular basis.
Ran a bardic circle
Attend a foreign war Pennsic, Lilies, and Estrella
Traveled more than 10 hours each way for a one-day event
Had the privilege of begging a boon for a Peerage
Been involved on some level with a Calontir "gotcha" moment

Spent the night in a hotel room with more people than the bed space holds
Slept in more than 1 tent at a camping event
Fought/fought for in a Crown/Coronet Tourney
Been to an SCA event/function in every Kingdom

Lived in three Kingdoms

(Calontir, Meridies, Artemesia, East, Drachenwald)

Been in the SCA more than half my life Just about 50% now
Won a tournament in five different kingdoms
Been authorized in a fighting style not legal in your home kingdom at the time
Met your future spouse at an SCA eventFlown to an event
Written a Coronation or Peerage Ceremony
Received a Peerage from your future spouse before you were involved with him/her


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( Dec. 31st, 2008 11:25 am)

I'm trying to update my livejournal with more of my interests.  I only have a little added.  So I'm slowly looking into new groups that interest me and looking at the profiles of people who write stuff that I can relate too or sound interesting.  So if anyone gets a friend req from me, I'm not a troll, it just means that you wrote something interesting or sound interesting and I'm looking for likeminded (or not) friends.

This surprised me. Not sure who I would have expected though.

Which Torchwood Character Are You?
Your Result: Gwen Cooper

You most resemble the team's second-in-command and ex-police officer. Empathetic and stubborn, you tend to grab the bull by its horns and have difficulty admitting when you're wrong, though you always mean well. You are inconsistent in your relationships, wanting stability but also craving drama, and sometimes end up putting yourself first.

Toshiko Sato
Ianto Jones
Captain Jack Harkness
Owen Harper
Which Torchwood Character Are You?
Quiz Created on GoToQuiz
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( Dec. 11th, 2008 10:15 am)
Just letting everyone know that we made it to England on the 5 Nov. A week later we moved into our house. We still don't have our car yet (that should get here around the 15th) plus we plan on getting another one so hubby has one for work and I have one for the kids. We finally got phone/internet set up (that was a pain!). But our stuff is here and we're unpacking. We're in Caversfield (military housing). The middle of nowhere (or seems like it). Sheep everywhere. We haven't done much traveling yet, we did go to Oxford for a day. That was a lot of fun.
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( Oct. 27th, 2008 01:34 pm)
I'm short on computer access because all of our stuff has been packed and sent. So we are without a lot. Or I should say we have the basics. We leave for England on the 4th of November. I'm not sure when we'll get our stuff once we get there (to include getting a house!) I will be on once in a while when able but it will be limited. I will update when able.
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( Aug. 23rd, 2008 12:31 am)

The Blogalyser reveals...

Your blog/web page text has an overall readability index of 13.

This suggests that your writing style is conventional
(to communicate well you should aim for a figure between 10 and 20).Your blog has 22 sentences per entry, which suggests your general message is distinguished by verbosity
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male malefemale female
self oneselfgroupworld world
past pastpresentfuture future

Your text shows characteristics which are 56% male and 44% female
(for more information see the Gender Genie).
Looking at pronoun indicators, you write mainly about yourself, then the world in general and finally your social circle. Also, your writing focuses primarily on the present, next the past and lastly the future.

Find out what your blogging style is like!

So, ladycolete, your LiveJournal reveals...

You are... 0% unique and 44% herdlike (partly because you, like everyone else, enjoy writing). When it comes to friends you are normal. In terms of the way you relate to people, you are keen to please. Your writing style (based on a recent public entry) is overcomplicated.

Your overall weirdness is: 25

(The average level of weirdness is: 27.
You are weirder than 57% of other LJers.)

Find out what your weirdness level is!

I thought this was neat even though I know there's not many comments.

Who comments the most on this journal? )

I know, I read the info the site says about paying for it, but I want to know from my friends who've actually paid for it.  Is it worth it?  Thanks!

I meant to do this earlier and I forgot.  But for those going to Pennsic be safe and have lots of fun!  Drink a drink (or two, three, etc.) for me.  Wish I could be there for all the fun fighting, dancing, and making friends.  I came thisclose to going but decided that taking three kids (7, 4, and 10 month old) there by myself may not be the best move.  Even though I'm ONLY 6 hours away.  And I'll never be this close again.  Oh well.  Have fun and be merry!

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( Jul. 28th, 2008 04:37 am)
I'm having a really bad time tonight.  Don't know why.  Want to do things that I haven't done in a long time that I shouldn't do...

When I was younger (early twenties), I would internalize most emotional things.  When they bubbled up and out instead of cutting myself I used to brand myself.  Just little things on my body that people wouldn't see.  I know.  It seems pathetic.  It was just my way of dealing.  I haven't thought about that in years.  Tonight.  Out of the blue I wanted to do it.  I don't know what brought this on.  

Yes, my husband is away for a year and I'm taking care of three boys by myself.  Yes his family is here and they take the older boys for short periods of time during the weekend.  But tonight has been a bad night.  I don't know why.  My husband is coming home for good in october.  I haven't had this problem this whole year until now.  And I can't talk to anyone about it.  They don't understand the military life.   Plus, my husband's cousin is in afganistan so since my husband is only in Korea it matters less.  I've tried a couple of times to talk to the family but I always get "well at least he' s only in korea".  Yes, I know it's not in a war zone.  But you know what?  It still sucks that he is gone for a year.  It's hard.  It's hard taking care of three kids on your own.  They don't think about what I'm going through.  They see our cousin and go "she has it so hard."  Yes, it's hard having some one in a war zone.  And taking care of a baby.  But you know what?  It sucks no matter what.  It's the same as far as our husbands are gone.  And you know what?  You have it easy.  You have your family and your husbands family here.  And you have your friends.  I don't have that .  We moved here to be with my husbands family.  That means I left my friends.  My sons left their friends.  It's hard being in a place where you don't know anyone but the family.  The same family who doesn't get it.  And what's worse?  I usually blog about mundane stuff at myspace.  I can't complain like this there.  My husband reads my myspace.  He doesn't understand how hard it is.  He only sees it as we are by his family and everything should be hunky dory. 

I'm sorry if this is coming out disjointed.  It's late and I'm feeling really down. 
 I should have known that it was going to be a bad day with all of the storming going on outside.

First off, I decide to go on the computer and work on some genealogy.  I haven't worked on any in a long time.  GONE!  All gone!  Totally off of the computer.  So, I know I made a backup before we left Utah.  Yep, you guessed it.  Disc is GONE!  Luckily enough (or unlucky depending on how you look at it!) I have hard copies on most stuff.  I just dread the idea of having to do this all over again.  Urghhhh!

And secondly, I've been getting nostalgic for the old sca days back in calontir.  With it being Pennsic and all.  So, I decided to get out my old sca photo albums from then.  Lo and behold there is only one.  Oh great.  I spend nearly an hour looking for the rest of them.  And then it hits me.  I somewhat know what happened.

When we moved from Panama City, Florida to Utah the moving company did a horrendous job.  When the stuff was delivered to us three or four boxes were missing.  We, at the time didn't know what they contained.  Now I know what some of them contained.  My sca albums.  Drats!  When we found out about the missing boxes we contacted TMO (the military people who handle it for us).  They did the investigation and all but the boxes were never found.  It saddens me that they are missing.  Not only for the fact I like to reminisce with them but my sons are getting old enough to get into the sca.  My oldest who is seven, loves going to events and likes to look at the pictures I still have.  

So, that has been my frustration so far today.  Hope it doesn't get worse.

That's right!  The end of October or the beginning of November the family and I will be moving to RAF Croughton, England.  Where is that near?  I have no idea yet but I'm trying to get info.  Unfortunately, the air force doesn't have much information that I can get a hold of.  I'm hoping it's near London.  I've always wanted to go to London.  Three years (as of right now.  Maybe longer if we really like it!) in Europe.  I CAN"T WAIT!

Now, I believe some of my friends here are in England...I hope.  Can ya give me some advice about the area.  Things like weather.  Is it true that it rains frequently?  Or is it hot or even cold.  I know what some people say on the internet but I'd rather get the info from someone there.

Our passports are supposedly at MacGuire AFB, New Jersey.  They were supposed to be sent to us but haven't arrived yet.  We then have to get our visa finished and then get it stamped before we leave the states.  Don't get me started on the price of that!  We did get the no fee passports for now.  Later will get the travel ones.  We'll just have to pay for those.  The visa's are going to cost us about $440 per person (excluding my husband who travels on his military orders).  So, $440.00 x 4 = $1760.  OUCH!  Granted, later (much later) the military will pay it back.  In their own time which means it may be returned when we leave!  

I also have to set up our household shipment as well as getting our car shipped.  It's going to be really strange to drive on the other side of the road!  I'm just now getting used to the crazy New York drivers!  (That's a whole different rant!)

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( Jul. 16th, 2008 11:31 am)
 Anyone play this game on Myspace? I love this game it is so addicting! I'm still looking for people to add to my mob so if you want to be in my mob just let me know and I'll send you a link.  It's addicting and my husband plays it as well and so we end up talking about it on the phone during our daily phone calls.  (My husband is stationed in korea for the year and we talk on the phone once a day if we can.)