Just letting everyone know that we made it to England on the 5 Nov. A week later we moved into our house. We still don't have our car yet (that should get here around the 15th) plus we plan on getting another one so hubby has one for work and I have one for the kids. We finally got phone/internet set up (that was a pain!). But our stuff is here and we're unpacking. We're in Caversfield (military housing). The middle of nowhere (or seems like it). Sheep everywhere. We haven't done much traveling yet, we did go to Oxford for a day. That was a lot of fun.

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Welcome to Blighty! Hope to catch you two at an event some time?

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Oh definately! We're hoping to go soon. We need to get our car and get our house set up. We are still getting set up and dh is on weird work schedule.


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